You Can Now Run Windows 11 Officially On Apple Silicon Devices – M1, M2 & M3


Running windows 11 virtually on the apple latest Mac devices ( ARM based M1, M2 or M3 chips) is now possible using the Microsoft authorized method.

New users that switched from the Intel based model since 2020 to the ARM (M1, M2, M3) who wanted a windows operating system on their devices has found it very difficult ever since.

What you should know!

Mac user that runs the Intel processor could switch to the multi boot utility program called the “Bootcamp” which allows them to install the windows operating system of choice on their Mac devices.

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Users with the apple silicon processor cannot use the Boot camp utility so they had to opt-in for other methods of using virtualization and emulators that allows them to run window Os on a Mac device.

Earlier today, Microsoft published a post on its website officially giving two methods that can make Apple silicon users to run Windows 11 on their system;

  • Windows 365 cloud PC (a service offer by Microsoft itself)
  • Parallel Desktop

Has Microsoft has authorized parallels desktop, you can now install the Parallel Desktop versions 18 and 19 to run Windows 11 pro and Windows 11 enterprise.

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However, it is important you note that parallel desktop is not free, The standard edition of parallel desktop 19 costs you $99.99 a year and the pro version cost $119.99 a year.

You can take advantage of the 25% discount on Amazon that cost you $88.99 for 1 year subscription.


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