Apple iOS 16 Customized Lock Screen, Notifications & More

The global tech giant Apple has unveiled a lot of exciting news at WWDC 22 this includes the most anticipated update ios 16 every iPhone user has been expecting.

What’s new in ios 16

They are a lot of new features that are available on the new ios 16. Although ios 16 is still in beta mode you can choose to install it and experience the biggest apple ios update ever

Lock screen

The ios 16 brings a new update to the apple ios lock screen. It allows you to personalize your lock screen, showcase your photos, and use custom font styles, dates and colours.

You can now create different lock screens with a unique backdrop and style for each and as well, and you can easily switch between them.

The notifications on the lock screen as well are now on an expanded list view, stacked view or hidden view. The notifications now appear at the bottom of the scree


One of the best updates to the ios 16 is a new feature that allows you to end it or unsend a recent message altogether. You can also mark a message as unread if you can’t respond at that moment

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Live text for videos

Apple ios former updates allow you to copy text from images but With the new apple ios 16, you can pause a video on any frame that contains a text and copy text from the video. This is a welcome as it allows you to even translate, lookup, and share the text from the video

Focus mode

This feature is integrated with the lock screen, allowing users to tie a wallpaper or widgets into a specific focus. The focus mode allows you to select the apps and people you want to receive notifications from by allowing or muting them

Live activities

Live activities API allows you to work on apps from the lock screen. This feature makes it very easy for iPhone users to catch up with events that happen in real time such as sports games, gyms, trips e.t.c

Apple pay later

Apple is bringing the buy now, pay later trend to the ios 16. It makes your purchase and pays it, in a series of instalments.
The feature will oy be available to people in the US with an easy way to purchase Apple products to split the cost of Apple pay

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The payment is split into four equal payments with a spread of six weeks with zero interest and zero fees.

This feature will be built into the Apple wallet where users can track their payments, and repay Apple pay later payments within the wallet.

This is all we got from the apple ios 16, The ios 16 is still in its beta mode and you can only download it if you have an Apple developer’s account. You need to wait for the first public beta of the ios 16 to be released.


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