Paypal launches pay later features on checkout.

The US payment giant Paypal has launched a new feature to its service called pay-later. The feature is only available to users in Germany.

Paypal Pay-later allows users to checkout up to $1,115 with zero balance and they pay back in 30days. The debt is automatically debited directly from users accounts after 30days as they don’t need to do a bank transfer.

Managing director of PayPal Germany, Austria and Switzerland Jörg Kablitz said;
“With the introduction of Payment after 30 days, we want to provide our customers with another simple, flexible and secure solution for online shopping. We see ourselves as a partner to our customers and support responsible purchasing behaviour”

The extended pay-later feature is available to eligible German shoppers flexible with payment after 30days.
To use this option, you need to click ‘payment with PayPal while checking out then you can click the payment after 30days.

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You also have the option to change the payment due date before the 30days which attracts a little fee. While checkout of up to 20 Euros has zero-fee, bigger checkout will show the estimated fees to be charged.

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