Facebook Messenger to get a new “Split Payments” feature as well as new Group Effects


Facebook, now known as Meta has introduced a new feature to Facebook Messenger called “Split Payments” as well as new Group Effects. Now, let’s talk about what these new things coming to Facebook Messenger are about.

Split Payments

As the name suggests, this new feature will allow you to split the costs of stuff easily among your friends and family whether it’s a phone bill, restaurant bill, or house rent.


To start using this feature, all you have to do is click on the “Get Started” button in a group chat or the Payments Hub in Facebook Messenger. And then, you can split the bill fairly amongst members of the group or even modify the contribution amount of each individual with or without including yourself.
After that, you will have to enter a personalized message and confirm your Facebook Pay details. Then, your Split Payments request will be sent to the group and everyone in the group will be able to view it.

Meta will begin testing the “Split Payments” feature in the US as from next week, but it is not sure whether it will be expanded to other regions outside the US.

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New Group Effects

Some weeks back in October, Facebook announced Group Effects to add fun to your video calls by using AR. Now, they’ve worked with four creators to bring four new Group Effects. These creators are King Bach, Emma Chamberlain, Bella Poarch, and Zach King. Below are what the effects of each of these creators do.


• King Bach: Channel King Bach’s royal demeanor and choose between two different regal effects by nodding your head.
• Emma Chamberlain: In a nod to the 90s, Emma’s effect is a dual lo-fi camcorder effect, triggered by winking your eye (dropping on December 6).
• Bella Poarch: Bella’s effect is based on her social alter egos. Choose between a sweet or spicy effect by kissing or pursing their lips.
• Zach King: Trick your friends and family with an effect that gives the illusion of buffering. Don’t worry…Zach will (try to) fix your connection.

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Also, the company reminds of a newly released chat theme as well as two new soundmojis launched to celebrate Taylor Swift’s new album and the other for Stranger Things fans.

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