Activate Your Barred Lines & Link Your NIN To Your SIM Easily

Over a 72.77million subscribers have been barred from making calls on their lines today. This is followed by the directives approved by the federal government to ensure strict compliance against the linking of NIN by its citizens.

What you should know!

The timeframe for linking NIN to sims has been extended several times and this last deadline March 31st, broke the camel’s back. Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, has disclosed that over a 125million Nigerians have their NIN submitted for immediate linkages and authentication. And also added that NIN has recorded over a 78million valid registered NIN so far.

In light of all these figures, Nigerians are still adamant about linking their NIN to their sim, if you are among the 72.77million users that were barred from making calls today, then you need to link your NIN as soon as possible.

According to reports, this first batch of call deactivation is for the first 6weeks and after that, SMS deactivation will follow before the sim finally gets deactivated.

How to link your NIN to your Sim using the NIMC Mobile App

Go here and download the NIMC mobile app.

If you don’t have an account, register with the mobile number registered on your NIN, you will be required to choose a login PIN

Forgotten your NIN number?

Dail *346# on your registered mobile number to retrieve it.

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Go to link my number, tap on add numbers and input the number you want to link.

An OTP will be sent to the mobile number, and input to verify your NIN linking.

Note: you can link up to 7 numbers

How to link NIN to MTN phone number

To link your NIN to an MTN mobile number, dial *785# with the MTN number you wish to link, reply with your NIN number and send.

Or dial *785*YOUR NIN# from the MTN number you want to link and it will be linked

Alternatively, you can visit using a browser and complete the form by filling your name, phone number NIN and Email address

How to link your NIN to Glo Number

Glo NIN Registration is not in any way different from MTN. Only it uses the SMS option and the web form format as well.

To link your Glo line with your NIN you need to visit and fill the form with the number you want to link, NIN and email address.

You can also SMS “UPDATENIN NIN FirstName LastName” to 109 to link your Glo line.

Link your NIN to your 9mobile Number

To link your 9mobile number to your NIN, Visit input your NIN, name, phone number and email address

Or you can dial *200*8#

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Link your NIN to your Airtel Mobile Number

To link your airtel line, Visit and input your NIN, name, phone number and email address.

Or you can dial *121*1#


How do I activate my NIN

1. Select “NIN verification services”

2. Choose the option to verify NIN

3. Enter your 12 unique NIN numbers in the space provided

4. Once entered, input the security code

5. Choose the option to submit

How do I check if your NIN is linked?

To know if your NIN is linked, dial *966# to verify if your nin has a need linked to your mobile number.

How can I get my NIN number from BVN?

To get your NIN number from BVN, you need to dial *346# from the number used to register your BVN

How many numbers can I link to my NIN?

You can link up to seven (7) mobile numbers


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