How To Withdraw Paypal Funds To Nigerian Bank In 2023(New Method)


Suppose you are a freelancer or a digital entrepreneur offering services on Upwork, Fiverr and other freelancing platforms. In that case, you already know the fear of getting your hard-earned money out of your Paypal account.

While this comes with numerous factors, the result is eventually withdrawing into your Nigeria bank account at high exchange rates.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps to withdraw your hard-earned Paypal funds into your Nigeria bank account in 2023.

UBA Africard dollar card

While you must have come across different methods on the internet to withdraw Paypal funds, especially using the Africard dollar. This method works well, but it has a few cons.

Earlier, you could walk into any Uba bank to withdraw your dollar on the counter, but late last year, in 2022, UBA came up with a policy to deny any request to remove the dollar on the counter with an Africard dollar card.

Aside from the withdrawal limitations, the UBA Africard dollar card is not easy to get, as you need to visit any UBA bank nearest to you to request for it. Also, a sum of $10 in cash is required to activate your account before you can use it.

With Klasha virtual card, you don’t need to pass through all this process, All you need to do is to download the app from play store or app store, register, complete your KYC verification and fund with your wallet with naira.

ChipperCash Launches Dollar Virtual Card Without Spending Limit

How to withdraw Paypal funds with Klasha Virtual Visa Card

In 2023, one of the best ways to withdraw Paypal funds into your bank account is linking the klasha visa virtual card to your Paypal and withdrawing from Paypal into the card.

=> Fund your klasha wallet with 5$ rate is 751/$

=> Create a virtual card; 2$ is deducted as a creation fee.

=> Open your Paypal and go to cards.

=> Link your card and click on verify, and a 4-digit code will be sent to your klasha app.

=> Input it, and your card will be verified.

How to withdraw from Paypal to klasha virtual card

withdraw paypal funds to nigerian bank 1
How To Withdraw Paypal Funds To Nigerian Bank In 2023(New Method) 8

=> Open your Paypal and go to transfer funds

withdraw paypal funds to nigerian bank
How To Withdraw Paypal Funds To Nigerian Bank In 2023(New Method) 9

=> Choose the amount you want to withdraw, then click on your klasha visa virtual cards.

=> Finally, click withdraw, which will reflect in your klasha app.

Note: Every withdrawal on Paypal attracts a fixed fee of $5, depending on the type of Paypal you use. But popular Paypal accounts like Lesotho, Iceland, Mozambique, etc., charge 5$ fixed.

How to convert your klasha dollar to Naira Instantly

The steps are straightforward after you have withdrawn from Paypal to your virtual card

Best Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria in 2023


=> Verified Skrill Account, Register at

=> Verified Wise Personal account, Register at

Note: wise requires you verify with your international passport; if you don’t have one, Get an exchanger to convert your skrill funds to Naira

withdraw paypal funds to nigerian bank skrill
How To Withdraw Paypal Funds To Nigerian Bank In 2023(New Method) 10

=> Go to skill and click on international transfers 

withdraw paypal funds to nigerian bank skrill2
How To Withdraw Paypal Funds To Nigerian Bank In 2023(New Method) 11

=> Choose send to myself or someone(if you are sending to an exchanger)

=> Input your wise GBP bank details, choose Pound as currency, UK as country(mostly used by wise) and proceed to pay.

=> Choose pay with a debit card, then input your klasha virtual card details.

=> Wait for a few minutes for the transaction to be completed.

Afterwards, you can sell your wise funds to an exchanger and have Naira in your bank account.

Need an Exchanger?

Convert Your Wise Pound Funds To Naira Instantly At High Rates

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