WhatsApp Is Testing Larger Groups Of 1000 Members

whatsapp groups

Obviously WhatsApp is one of the big platforms where people get to meet and socialize. The innovative ideas behind WhatsApp has kept it in the fore of modern day communication and socializing.

The aphorism of “slow and steady wins the raise” applies to WhatsApp. The app has been consistently evolving by introducing different changes to it feature, and this makes it user friendly. But that’s not the crux of this post. The crux is that, WhatsApp groups will soon increase it participant limit to 1024, and that’s obviously, double of the former limit. Imagine having a congregation of 1000 chat! That’s a big audience to start with.

Whatsapp "Mute Always Options For Chats" & Multiple Device Features

For those familiar with the trend of changes taking place on Whatsapp, you will recall that several new ideas and features are been further enhanced on the app, i.e increase in the number of video call participants to 32, although, only 8 participants can only be active in a session, enabled view-once message, ability to send larger file of almost 2GB, and many more.

You Can Now Silence Unknown Callers On Whatsapp

WhatsApp is truly going to evolve into a more sophisticated app, and we anticipate this evolution.

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