Instagram starts testing a new feature that prompts you to take a break

Instagram is an American social media platform owned by Facebook where you can share photos and videos with other people. Instagram is a good app for you to go to if you want to pass time by watching short and funny videos. However, lots of people are getting addicted to the social media platform, spending all of their time on it.
A few days back, Instagram head Mr. Adam Moseri announced that the social media platform will be testing a new feature called “Take a Break”. This new feature is expected to help users check their Instagram addiction. It will remind you to take a break after spending a certain time on the app.

“Take a Break” is an optional feature, and once it is turned on, it will let you set in-app reminders to take a break from the app after continuous use for a specific time. You can choose to get prompts to take a break after using the app continuously for 10, 20, 30, or 40 minutes. This feature was developed alongside third-party experts from different fields.

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Mr. Adam Mosseri said that this new “Take a Break” feature is developed so people can have more control over their experience of Instagram. He also said we’ll be seeing many more similar ideas coming to the app in the feature too.

The “Take a Break” feature will become available to a small percentage of users over the coming days. Instagram plans to launch it to all users sometime next month if this beta testing goes well. So expect it to be available to all users next month, and at most early 2022.

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This is a welcomed development as I’ve seen lots of people get addicted to Instagram which makes them less productive in business and academics. Also, I think it will be well appreciated among those who want to overcome their addiction to Instagram.

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