Twitter To Charge $20 Monthly For Blue Tick Verification

It is certain changes will surface in the mode of operation of Twitter app, since there is a change of ownership, and one of the perceived changes that is possible to be introduced is a compulsory levy on accounts having the coveted blue tick.

Speculations have it that, Elon Musk had issued directives to make the Twitter blue subscription to attract some cost. What currently costs $4.99 a month for some additional features will possibly move upwards to $19.99 to include the verified badge.

What You Should Know!

Will this recent development make many lose their blue tick? This we will know in the coming days if this speculations happen to be true. However, speculations also have it that this new development will take effect by November, 2022.

Obviously, Musk’s approach to the administration is going to raise dust in some sphere as many are beginning to link the firing of Parag Agarwal, CFO Ned Segal, and Head of Legal, Vijaya Gadde. Although, it is no news that he had spoken about his desire to cause drastic changes on the bird App. One of his plans also involves the long term plan of turning Twitter to a supper App.

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Howbeit, making devoted lovers and users of this app pay for their blue tick will in turn lead to reduced interest and participation of many on the app. Also, it simply means those who have money, will be able to buy the blue tick, not necessarily by their level of engagement or activity on the app.

Is this simply to mean that engagements on this app will possibly reduce? Let’s keep our arms crossed as we wait the outcome of this new development, but before then, let’s quickly remind ourselves of the requirements for getting the blue tick:

  1. Accounts must be “authentic, notable, and active” to receive the blue badge.
  2. your account must represent or otherwise be associated with a prominently recognized individual or brand, in line with the notability criteria,”
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However, if charging now becomes one or the major criterion for getting the blue tick, it simply means many won’t be active on the app again. While we still hold the reservations that this possible idea might not be easy to implement, let’s all wait to see how the new sheriff of the Bird App will unveil this new idea.


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