Samsung Has Officially Discontinued The Samsung Galaxy Note Series

If you are a note series lover, this might be a bit heartbreaking to you. I understand your love for the S-pen and how handy the phone feels while you hold it.
The wait is finally over, if you have been expecting Samsung to release a note, then the rumour that claimed Samsung will not continue with its note series is officially confirmed.

What you should know!

Since Samsung released the S21 ultra and it came with the S-pen, we have started having doubts if the note series will survive in 2022.

Sadly, the S22 ultra was released without any sign of the note series. Then it became clearer that the note series did not die, only that Samsung replaced the note series with ultra. The Samsung ultra series possess all the features of the Note series.

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A popular tech blogger @universelce stated that Samsung TM Roh claimed in an interview that “The galaxy note will come in the form of S ultra every year starting this year”

Samsung Galaxy Ultra Vs The Note Series

The last time Samsung released a note was in 2020 when the note 2020 was released. Ever since no other note series has been released. The recently released galaxy S22 ultra has proven as a good alternative to the note series in terms of all the features it possesses.
What are you going to miss? The classic “NOTE” moniker is gone forever but the release time has returned as you will be getting your improvised NOTE series immediately after Samsung launches the S23 series.

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