Access bank increases International Spending limit to $1500 Monthly.

Amid dollar scarcity when almost all banks have limited international spending limits on their cards to $20, Accessbank has thrown the hat into the ring amongst other banks and availed their customers with a $1500 international spending limit Monthly.
This new development was spotted in the memo sent earlier this morning via email to us.

What you should know!

Earlier Feb 11, the CBN said it will stop the sale of FX to money deposit banks and strongly advised money deposit banks(MDB) to source for export proceeds to meet dollar demands for their customers.

However, the CBN has implemented a new scheme “RT 2000 scheme” very similar to the naira4dollar scheme but rewards differently with 65# for every dollar traded at the I & E importers window. The program aims to generate over $200bilion in FX into the economy from non-oil exporters
So this vividly, shows the economy is need of FX as there are endless efforts by the CBN to get more FX supplies into the economy through different policies and schemes.

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Access bank New international spending limits capped $1500 Monthly.

If you own a visa card or a master card, you can conveniently make international purchases up to $1500 with your debit card.
However, access bank has capped international ATM withdrawal on all their debit cards at $100 daily.

Access Bank Current Exchange Rate

As at the time of writing this post, the current exchange rate for access bank is 557/$ does this profer solution to your dollar needs at the moment? Considering black market to be over 580/$

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