SC bank Tops The Lead with $100 international spending limits Monthly

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Over some months; international spending limits have been the talk of the town in nigeria. The effect is much stronger than the current fuel scarcity in the country.

Many companies find it very hard to get FX for their importation purposes as CBN has strongly advised deposit banks to source FX for their customers with export proceeds. Ever since, banks have been managing quotas of FX available to them.

Amidst this whole scarcity, standard chartered bank never looked back to disappoint her customers. They made their international spending limit on their naira visa card 100$ monthly with 466/$ as their exchange rate which is fair enough.

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The standard chartered bank is offering this 100$ international spending limit to all their users. Many people claim standard chartered has fewer customers that’s why they can cater for the FX needs of their customers.

The 100$ which has been greatly mocked by Nigerians as low limits has now become the highest spending limit on any naira cards across the whole federation.

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How To Apply For A Standard Chartered Naira Visa Card

You need to have an account with SC which is fully verified if you don’t have one, kindly check out this post on how to open one with your phone.

After you have registered, download the SC mobile app and go to cards and place a new request. You need to verify your address so that SC can deliver your naira debit card to the right address.

  1. Login into the SC mobile or the online banking platform.
  2. Select service request
  3. Click on card management
  4. Select request for Debit/ATM card
  5. Choose your address and click on submit to proceed with the request.

How Can I Activate My Standard Chartered Debit Card Pin?

Once you have received your ATM card;

  1. Login to your SC mobile or online banking
  2. Go to help and “services”
  3. Click on card management and select credit or debit pin change
  4. Select the card and enter a new pin.
  5. Enter the OTP sent to your registered phone number and confirm.
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Can standard Bank deliver my card

A new visa debit card with a 100$ international spending limit will be delivered to you. You will be reached by email when it is dispatched alongside your courier tracking numbers and it will be delivered to the address associated with your account.

Let me know your current bank international bank spending limit through the comment box

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