7 Ultimate Guide To Run Paypal Successfully Without Limitations

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Paypal is a digital payment processor platform. It is widely used all over the world. Almost all website uses Paypal as a source to receive payments. The truth is, PayPal is inevitable if you intend to make your business go global.

There have been some misconceptions about PayPal for a long, how they block accounts, how people lose huge sums amount to them, e.t.c. The truth is, their security is on a high end, and if you ever think you can outsmart them, you will fall into their traps.

Here are a few tips you should follow to have your Paypal account healthy all the time.


As far as PayPal is concerned, using the best VPN or proxy, Paypal will still detect you. I have someone asked if using a sock5 proxy will work. The truth is, disabling X-forward, using closed ports, disabling java, and even as well blocking traffic not passing through the proxy is not a guarantee you won’t still get caught.

If you eventually bypass all this, you will still get caught through the reverse DNS that you are using a datacenter to run a proxy. The best way to use proxy successfully with PayPal is by buying a residential IP which is very costly, rare to get and most times, is not static but frequently changes after some hours of usage.

As for me, I use my Residential IP specifically on the MTN network. MTN still maintains a high level of static IP status and does not frequently change like other networks. You can also try out a good VPS for those that run USA accounts. Using a VPS has proven to be very efficient over time.

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Dedicated Browser

I have heard different people ask which browser is the best to use for my PayPal. The answer is; all browser is good to run your PayPal. But it would be best if you dedicated a browser for your PayPal activities.

Don’t use the browser you use for PayPal to load heavy website cache and cookies, Please don’t use a browser that utilizes an inbuilt VPN. It might turns IP ON automatically and cause havoc to your PayPal account. And as well, try and bookmark your PayPal login URL so that you don’t get directed to another country login accidentally.

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Business/personal account

If you run a business account, receiving too many family and friends (FNF) funds is a red pointer for limitations. Paypal also makes money on charges from transactions on a business account. You receiving FNF all the time is like telling them your family buys from you all the time. It might quickly trigger limitations. However, you should receive Goods and Service (GNS) mainly with a few FNF.

On the other hand, on a personal account, you should mostly receive Family and Friends. Receiving GNS can trigger limitations on your account.

Source of Paypal Funds

Aside from all others I have listed, the primary reason why PayPal blocks most accounts is due to the source of the funds. Many receive funds from an unknown source, payment from authorized card and bank. This can easily send your PayPal account to an early grave.

The best source to get PayPal funds are from companies like Fiverr, Upwork, surveys and others. If you buy PayPal funds from end users, try as much as possible to buy from PayPal balance. It will help to curb future chargebacks.

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2Factor Authorization

They are sometimes, PayPal will want to confirm it’s you running some transactions on your account, and the next thing that comes up is; “Quick security Check” sometimes it will bring a phone number page with a blank phone number.  It is actually a limitation, and you might get over it after 24-72hours.

To prevent PayPal from confirming if you are the real owner running transactions, the best way is to enable a 2FA. I have it enabled on my PayPal account, and each time I try to log in, send money or withdraw, I get an OTP sent to my registered phone number for verifications.

To enable 2FA to go to your PayPal settings and activate it.

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Paypal Patience/Funds Limits

Even if you have 2FA enabled, that doesn’t make you receive 1000$ at a go. Receiving a colossal amount is not even the problem, but trying to remove it instantly will call PayPal security’s bot attention to it. We are aware of how money laundering is rampant over the world. Paypal tries as much as possible to put a limit on the transactions their customers can make at certain times.

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If you use a new account, I strongly advise you to keep it low between 1$ to 100$. I have my PayPal fully verified with a utility bill and national ID, but I still keep it low between $1 to $500 for precautionary motives.
When you receive funds, kindly exercise Patience for at least 24hours to make it rest before using. As your account goes stronger, you can reduce it to 12hours and a minimum of 6hours.

According to my research, once you frustrate the PayPal bot and you get an error message while trying to send it out, log out and leave the account for 24hours.  If you continue pressing and keeps getting the same error, multiply your total number of trials by 24hours, meaning the PayPal bot will free your account after the hours in total.

For example; You frustrated the bot ten times 10*24 while trying to send out, It means you will be able to send our your funds after 240hours

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Removing Informations on PayPal

Sometimes we add a debit card on our PayPal, email addresses, and phone numbers, and we try to remove them. This is a wrong pointer and might cause limitations.
The email address removal is very common to survey and freelancers. Once you remove any info on your PayPal, be ready for any limitations that might come up. As PayPal takes strict security measures to be sure you are not removing the informations to create a new PayPal.

This Guide is not guaranteeing you a lifetime PayPal account, but if you follow the Guide well, it will make your PayPal account last longer than before.

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