ChipperCash Launches Dollar Virtual Card Without Spending Limit

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All financial institutions have reduced their limit on naira card spending and more people needs the dollar to buy online.

Importers especially, needs enough dollar to buy online monthly. But with the spending limits on naira cards capped at 20$ monthly, Nigerian banks should not be relied on for FX supplies.

Chippercash has launched their virtual dollar card service that allows you to spend without any limit. This feature is available to old customers who have utilized their naira virtual card in the past.

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What you should know!

The new virtual dollar card offers zero creation fee but with a serious price dollar tag. You fund at 575/$ and if you feel like withdrawing your money out to your chippercash balance, they convert at 415/$

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However, the dollar card comes with a limited offer that makes you earn 5% cashback on all qualifying purchases. Also, you don’t get to pay for charges when you use your card for international transactions and it is supported on all websites that support Visa.

They are other fintech apps that offer virtual dollar cards like Getbarter. But the only difference is that chippercash offers zero charges for card creation and payments.

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If you don’t have an account with chippercash, you can create an account HERE and start enjoying unlimited international spending limits with zero charges.

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