How To Fix Failed Bank Transactions With Social Media

A failed Bank transaction be it transfer, airtime purchase, bill payments, and the likes is inevitable. infact, it is something that happens frequently, and network glitches cause it mostly.

I am always tired when I have issues with banking transactions than getting to the bank to face the crowd. In short, many of us waste business working days trying to fix failed transactions when you can take effect with your social media accounts.

How Can I Fix My failed transactions Without Going to the bank?

They are numerous ways of contacting your financial institution without leaving your comfort. You can reach them on Phone, Email, Live chat, Social media.

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In this post, I will go deep on social media because it has been proven the easiest and cost-free method to fix any failed transaction with your bank.

fix failed bank transactions with social media
  1. Here, go to search for the financial institution you will see a list. make sure you choose the verified account to be sure you are reporting to the right source.

2. After then click on tweet then state clearly your issue; make sure you include your valid account number.

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3. You will get a feedback via DM and within 24hours, your case will be treated.

Hope this saves you the stress of wasting all your day waiting in the bank to lodge a complain??

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