How To Apply For The Facebook #500m Small Business Grants In Nigeria

Facebook SMB grant program has been on for a while now, to help business suffering from COVID 19 pandemic. The good news is; the Facebook Grants has launched in Nigeria. According to Facebook, 781 small businesses in Nigeria will benefit from a #500m grant as part of the $100m global grant program.

According to Facebook, the funds will be released in cash grants with ad credits that will help boost local small business owners that are mostly affected by the worldwide pandemic COVID 19.
The Facebook grant does not aim only to empower small scale businesses only, but how this small scale business will utilize the grants to help the community

Requirements To Apply For The Facebook Grants

These are the requirements needed to be eligible for the Facebook Grants;

  • 1. You must have employee ranging from 2-50
  • 2. The Business must be more than a year old and must have been running before the worldwide pandemic came on board.
  • 3. Your Business must be near a location where Facebook Operates. So far your Business operates in Nigeria, then you are eligible.
  • 4. Government agencies will not be allowed to apply for the grant: only local businesses and SMEs.

How Can I Apply For The Facebook Grants

  • To Facilitate things, Facebook has partnered with Deloitte Ireland LLP and Quest computing Ltd to administer the application process.
  • The Application will be opened to Small & Medium Business in Nigeria, from the 24th of August 2020 for the North East, North West and South East of the country?
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