YouTube Announces new Monetization Policies for Creators

Youtube app for. content creators

Generating some additional income while creating content on YouTube is one of the main benefits of doing so, which has been one of the platform’s most oversized pulls in recent years. Meeting YouTube’s revenue standards takes a lot of time and effort.

Youtube app for. content creators
YouTube Announces new Monetization Policies for Creators 5

However, things will soon change as YouTube has revealed some modified restrictions that will simplify generating income for new artists.

Three thousand watch hours over the past year (or 3 million shorts views in the last 90 days), three public uploads in the previous 90 days, and a minimum of 500 subscribers will now be the minimal requirements for channels to use YouTube Fan Funding Features.

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Content producers will gain access to Super Chats, Super Thanks, Super Stickers, Channel Memberships, and the ability to sell merchandise using YouTube Shopping’s Merch Shelf if they have fulfilled these prerequisites. However, It should be emphasized that channels will still need to reach the minimum requirements of 1000 members and 4000 hours of viewing time to monetize via ad income.

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