Whatsapp New Update Feature; Join Group Calls with a Link

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Whatsapp is working on bringing a new update to its app that allows you to join WhatsApp group calls. Last year, WhatsApp added numerous improvements to voice and video calls, adding the ability to join a WhatsApp group calls even when the call is already started.

Now; they are adding a call link that allows users/members of a group to catch the moments with their group members without being added to the call manually.

Since WhatsApp has already availed the feature to join a WhatsApp group even when the call has started, joining via a call link comes handy as it makes it very easy to join and you can even share with anyone both contact and non-contact.

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whatsapp group call
Whatsapp New Update Feature; Join Group Calls with a Link 5

What you should know!!

This new call link feature is very much different from the old messenger rooms shortcut. People without a Facebook account can join but on WhatsApp when you place a call, it is secured by the end to end encryption and you need a WhatsApp profile to join the call.

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This feature is currently under development and once it is available, you will be able to create call links and ad well the changelog will be visible on the WhatsApp website.

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