How to use Xender to Download WhatApp Status, Facebook, and Instagram Videos

The emergency of the Coronavirus and the stay at home rule in most of the world calls for the deliberate quest for solutions to human daily tech-challenges, using unusual methods or what is not the norm.

Consequently, Xender is one popular and commonly used App for transferring files on android phones, never the less, there are some superb features on this same App that many haven’t discovered, one of such feature is downloading files from our social media handle: Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. You heard me, right! Xender can download files from your social media handles. Follow me as I lead you in this step by step lesson as you learn how to download files using Xender.

However, there is no need to discuss how to get the Xender App on your phone; a click on PlayStore will solve that. All you need do is, ensure your Xender is updated and in as much as I do not want to stress you with too many stories, let’s delve into how to make use of Xender in Downloading WhatsApp status, Facebook, and Instagram videos. Let’s go!

Step1: Open the Xender App after installation

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Step2: Go to the bottom of the App, from left to right, you will see the buttons named: Video, Game, Social and Me

Step3: Click on the button named Social,

Step4: You will have a page with the heading: Status, Facebook and Instagram and the App you want to download files from will inform your next action.

Step5: select the App where you want to download from, follow the prompts and click the arrow pointing downwards for download

Additional Info: If you want to download from Whatsapp status you must ensure you already viewed the same status before proceeding to  Xender for the download, while for Facebook and Instagram you will have to log in to your account at first for the download to be possible.

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