Get Rid Of Duplicate Contacts With Android Duplicate Contact Remover

As for many that are facing this problem, I know how annoying it is to keep having duplicate contacts on Android devices. In my case, I noticed i have up to 10,000 contacts which is unusual but with Android duplicate contact remover; i was able to merge duplicate contacts to (1) one which helped in eradicating duplicate contacts from my phone.

Features Of Android Duplicate Contact Remover

  1. Duplicate Contacts Remover

    Removes all identified duplicate contacts or exact number duplicates to makes you contact clean, keeping only one identical copy of each number. You can delete single or multiple contacts.

  2. Contacts Recovery

    You can recover Contacts deleted using saved files which you can use again to backup deleted contacts. The removed contacts are saved on vcf file on the sd card.

  3. Duplicate Contacts Detector

    Scans and detects all duplicates contacts on your phone. The app search by numbers and by names to find duplicate contacts.

  4. Contacts Backup

    You can export and Backup all your contacts as CSV, TEXT, and VCF format.

  5. Contacts Import

    Contacts can be imported from SIM card, phone memory, Google, or any other social media account which is linked to your phone.

  6. Contacts Export

    The application allows to import and export contacts to another phone or different account

  7. Contacts Sharing

    Contacts can be shared via this application via a different instant messaging application.

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Where Can I Download Duplicate Contact Remover?

You can download it for your device from HERE


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