How to Use sssTwitter for Downloading Videos from Twitter


Twitter is an American microblogging and social media platform on which people post and interact with each other through tweets. Tweets can contain texts, links, images, videos, gifs, and many more. This makes them perfect to convey any information a person wants it to.

Twitter has about 206 million daily users across the world which is massive. In this article, I’ll be showing you how to use Twitter for downloading videos from Twitter without you needing any app.

How to Use sssTwitter for Downloading Videos from Twitter 5

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Also, Twitter is easy to use once you understand how it works but I have seen many complain about understanding and navigating their paths on the bird app. This is not surprising as when I first joined Twitter, I also had similar problems too. Twitter has various features that many users may not know of but you can read their help guide to get yourself well enlightened about the features.

Twitter is my favourite social media platform and is going to be yours too if you’re are some who doesn’t like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat and prefer reading to viewing media.

One reason people do not find Twitter easy to use and interesting is the fact you can’t download videos from Twitter and save them offline on your phone. You may be asked to bookmark the tweet instead of finding a way to download the video. I feel that’s not the best option as I still love to have videos I like on my phone’s storage.

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I once kept watching a particular motivational video by one of my favourite motivational speakers over and over again on Twitter. And one time, I was like, why can’t I just have this video on my phone’s storage since I like it so much.

It was after this thought that I discovered I do not know how to download videos from Twitter and I must know how to because I finally need to have that video on my phone’s storage.

After that, I did some research and found out that there are ways like many ways to download videos to your phone’s storage from Twitter. Some needed an app, and some were just done on the web.

I finally got a simple trick and logic to get any video on Twitter on my device without having to download any app.

Now, I’m going to show you how to use sssTwitter for downloading videos from Twitter on your phone’s storage just online. Read the steps below to know how to use sssTwitter to download videos from Twitter.

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How To Use sssTwitter For Downloading Videos From Twitter

Step 1: Copy the link of the tweet with the video you want to download.

Step 2: Go to your phone’s browser, and input the URL of the tweet with the video you want to be downloaded then add “sss” to the URL and click enter to start your download. E.g 

Step 3: You will immediately be redirected to the download page, follow the prompts and your file will be ready to download.

NB: The tweet link above has no video so it won’t download. Get a tweet link with a video you want to download.

I hope this simple information helps and puts a solution to the stress of always going online before you can access a video you like on Twitter. Cheers!

Kindly note that this principle of Twitter video download is only applicable when you’re using a web browser. Not applicable on Twitter App.

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