How To Use sssTwitter For Downloading Videos From Twitter

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Have you ever come across a video of interest on Twitter, but was incapacitated to enjoy it to the fullest because you couldn’t have it downloaded on your device?

The above was my horrible experience as I consecutively burn my data on Twitter just to watch a particular video over and over again. I couldn’t archive many of such videos on my external hard disk, phone or even desktop, where I can easily keep them for future or strategic use.

Twitter is one of the famously used social media handles that has a great social influence on the high, low, mighty and weak. It is a tool for mass mobilization, information, entertainment, education.

This current age seems to understand its use as a tool for mass mobilization, yet, many do not know how to download videos from this famous site. I use to believe downloading videos on it is difficult or near impossible, all I do is go over videos that catch my attention sometimes on my Twitter App or via the web browser.

How ignorant I was until the desire to solve the problem of login into Twitter every single time to access any video clip that attracts my attention on Twitter. My desire grew and lingered with burning passion in me and this passion gave birth to the solution you’re about to read here.

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I headed straight to Google, from Google to YouTube and from YouTube to other popular search engines around, only to know my problem has the simplest solution anyone could imagine.

Alas help came, thanks to all the search engines around the world, they are doing incredibly well in furnishing craving tech users like myself accurate information, updates, education on varying topics.

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How To Use sssTwitter For Downloading Videos From Twitter 8

Back to my discussion.

I discovered all my stress and frets can be simply solved with simple triple “s”. Yes! Simple “sss” you heard me right. The most insignificant “sss” is the answer to this challenge. It works like wildfire.

Ask me how!

You don’t have to go through the stress of visiting all search engines like myself, I probably went through that for you not to experience the same, and I will be quickly highlighting the steps involved in downloading twitter videos in split seconds.

Fasten your sit-belt, this is the moment you have been waiting for. I will ensure I simplify the stages involved for it to be easily comprehended by all those who will visit this post. Thank me later.

Let’s go!

  • Step 1. Go to the URL of the same video/post you want to be downloaded.
  • Step 2. Add triple “s” as in “sss” to the URL and click enter to start your download. E.g sss/
  • Step 3. You will immediately be redirected to the download page, follow the prompts and your file will be ready to download.
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At this point, all you have to do is find a bottle of your favourite as you enjoy your downloaded video.

Kindly note that this principle of Twitter video download from is only applicable when you’re using a web browser. Not applicable on Twitter App.


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