Avatars are very important nowadays, the same way snapchat has implemented avatars, Facebook has also decided to go the same path by introducing Avatars on facebook.

This new Avatar for Facebook allows you to customize your avatars to your taste. From the facial look to your outfit and it can be used in Facebook Newsfeed and messenger. But currently, the feature is available in Australia and we are still waiting for it to be launched to every part of the world.


Once the update is out, you can find the smiley-face” button in your News Feed comment section and Messenger sticker tabs, so you can begin to create your avatar from there onwards. It is also said that all Facebook users will be able to see these Facebook Avatars even though Australia is the only country where its users can create the avatars at the moment.

According to Facebook, it is said that the Avatars for Facebook will not be monetized; i.e., There will not be an option to pay before unlocking certain Avatar features. So no need to worry about spending cash buying outfit for your avatars.

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