The First Smartphone To Use The under display camera

    Over the years, smartphone Manufacturers have been looking for a creative way of hiding the front cameras which have brought about different innovations like hiding it under the notch as it is seen in Samsung galaxy S10 punch hole and other water drop notch devices.
    But the perfect solution is here, which is the under display camera which does not have a moving part or blemishes on the screen.

    The in display front camera isn’t a new patent because a solution has already existed for a decade but, technological limitations has prevent it in the smartphone market. The first phone that will feature this under screen display is Xiaomi and OPPO as they have showcased a working prototype of the in display front camera

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    AS you can from the video, the OPPO prototype phone has no notch display. It remains a mystery how it works, but we know it is possible with OLED technology.
    Since OLED displays are always transparent without the need for a backlight, and the images are still visible to the eyes because the OLED panels can emit visible light on their own without the need for a separate light source behind them.


    Xiaomi is not left out of this innovation as they also took to their twitter page showcasing their prototype of the in the display selfie camera. Although they did not post a video, the post clearly shows they are also working on the in display selfie camera.

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    So, there is no specified time when this Technology will hit the smartphone market, But xiaomi or OPPO might release it to any of their latest smartphones before the ending of this year.


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