How To make Money With Your Whatsapp Status Videos And Gifs

Good morning guys, it been a while we post something about online biz, that why i have decided to put up this post. Do you know you can make money with your whatsapp  status videos and gifs? Anywhere you are reading this post, get yourself a chilled beer or malt and relax as you read along this post. Because after reading this posts, you will no longer leave money on the table by wasting your videos to your whatsapp contacts.
I stumbled on a website that pays you for views on your articles, videos, and gif and i know many of us get close to 100views on your status daily why not convert that to real cash?



* Find breaking news, videos, GIFs in one news app instead of scavenging the Internet or flipping TV channels.
* See content from a variety of categories and stay up to date on live events!
* Have everything in one place! Save your favorite news articles, videos, GIFs and more!
Funny Videos & GIFs
* Want to laugh? Take a dive into our Funny feed laugh with thousands of users!
* Scroll through thousands of gifs you can send to your friends or on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, etc!
* Enjoy your videos without distractions – We’ll darken the background to give you the best experience.
* Rotate and navigate through your videos even easier with TopBuzz’s enhanced video player!
This are the features of the topbuzz but we are not after funny videos because we are signing up as a publisher that will post funny commedy videos.

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How To Setup Topbuzz And Make Money On Your videos

  • Register From this link signup with facebook or twitter to earn free 5$ and posting bonus other wise use signup with email.
  • After signing up, post your first article, make it a catchy one i always recommend you post lifestyle news in the USA.
  • Once it has been approved for publishing, now start posting your whatsapp comdey videos.
  • You are being paid with your impression and clicks on each videos you can check your analytics on yoyr dashboard.
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How Do I get Paid?
Once you reach their cash out threshold, you will be required to input your paypal details for cash out. If you do not have a paypal that can receive money kindly send a direct mail to i will put you through

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