Calculate The Value Of Your Smartphone Before Selling On Jumia Market

Most times, you tends not to know the worth of your smartphone before selling it out. Apart from knowing the cost, the selling cost matters a lot because; people can devaluate the price of phone even with their
This morning, i’ll show you how to estimate the value of your phone with smartphone upgrade program

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The Smartphones Upgrade Program is a unique innovative to help turn buyers to potential sellers. If you want a new Smartphone, you can use the calculator to get an estimated price for your phone. This way you can get money to buy a new Smartphone.

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How Can I Estimate The Value Of My Smartphone??

==>Visit this link choose your phone brand, then you will see series of questions like; is the charging port working, camera, screen and the likes.
==>After putting the right informations, click on estimate you will then see the current value of your phone.

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