Optimise Your Ram Useage On Your Android Device

Optimising your Ram useage on android goes a long way determining your battery life,processor speed,functions..e.t.cc

Earlier, developer launches phones with less that 500mb Ram which makes the phone to lag a lot.But nowadays, 1gb,2gb&3gb Ram mobile device are flowing like  everywhere and even the Ram also drains faster with a speed of  due to advanced applications that eats  Ram

This morning, I’ll be showing you a quick tips to save up to 45% of your  without any Ram booster app.

Increase ram on android

Follow My Steps To Optimise Your Ram

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  • This works on all android device just head to your phone settings>>about phone.
  • Move to build number tap it continuously till you receive this “you are now a developer”
  • Go back to settings you should see developers settings there.follow the screenshot to turn  the following off..
  • That’s all rebbot your phone you should see that your ram Useage is reduced.
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