How To Set Your Sdcard As Internal Storage On android Without Root

When it comes to android low storage issue, it is necessary you know that it is a general problem all android users faces from time to time. Some phones came with low storage memory as low as 8GB and out of that 8GB, the developer will still use of about 4GB space to pre-install system apps there, leaving 4GB as internal memory.
Even after setting the preferred location to your memory card,  with about 16GB free space. Apps installed will still forcefully go and invade your 4GB internal memory space.

How To Set Your Sdcard As Preferred Storage Location On android Without Root

This evening I will be showing you a quick way to set your sdcard as internal storage without rooting your phone. Although, they are some third-pary apps that helps in moving files from internal memory to sdcard but they requires root access.

➤Make sure you backup your files to PC because you will still format the memory card later
➤Go to settings on your phone, Go to storage and USB you will see your SD card then click on it to choose options.

How To Set Your Sdcard As Preferred Storage Location On android Without Root

➤Click use as internal storage Android will then prompt you to format your sdcard just be patient and don’t remove your memory card during the process.
➤One done, then you have successfully set your sdcard to internal storage no more low internal storage isuues again.

Note: This Sdcard feature does not support all android Os it was tested working on marshmallow 6.0.
You can check it out if it will work with other Os let’s know your feedback through the comment box.

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