Universal Method Of Running Google Playstore And Other Andriod Apps on Windows phone

This had been beeping continously in my heart for a very long time now and i felt i should share it with you guy.I do feel for the windows phone users most especially during the season of freebrowsing tweaks which the windows users dont have access to due to the embargo of limited VPN access imposed on the device.Even this current MTN bis and Etisalat could not work which sometimes,render the phone useless to me.

Now come to thing of it if you can run andriod applications on your windows phone wouldn’t that be superb??.For the tweak lover, i presume tweakware and Psiphon is enough to serve you best? lol
This morning, will quickly brush through the tutorial on how to install andriods applications on windows phone and i will advise you to read the disclaimers carefully before laying hands on your phone.

how to run andriod 4.2 jellybean on windows phone

    How To Run Andriod App On Windows phone
The steps are straight forward
Things Needed:

  • A Pc window 7/8 both worked well
  • Windows phone running windows 10
  • softwares download links will be dropped below
  • You also need your brain

disclaimers:This tutorial is only meant for educational purpose you are doing this at your risk i won’t be responsible for any damage caused to your device like bricking,explosion and others.

You should beaware of this:
 1.Do not disconnect the device while an apk is installing.

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2. Do not reboot while your phone has Developer Mode Activated
Hereis a list of supported windows phone for now
Nokia Lumia 920
•Nokia Lumia 925
•Nokia Lumia 929 (icon)
•Nokia Lumia 830
•Nokia Lumia 930
•Nokia Lumia 1520
•Nokia Lumia 635 (1GB RAM variant)
•Nokia Lumia 730
•Nokia Lumia 820
•Nokia Lumia 435
•Nokia Lumia 928
This phones listed above have been confirmed.It worked well on all.My credit delightfully goes to XDA-forum  
for their great efforts.

How TO Get Started 

  1. You need to upgrade your phone first.If you are runningwindow 8.1,kindly head to your store and download window insider
  2. Launch and follow the screen prompt on hoe to setup window 10
  3. Once this is done,Download This Files 
  4. Open the folder wconnect, then install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe
  5.  Go to your Windows 10 Mobile’s Settings page, then head over to Update & Security > For Developers and enable Developers Mode, as well as Device Discovery
  6. Now go to the extracted wconnect folder, then open an elevated command prompt (Shift+right click > Open command window here)
  7.  After that, you’ll need to connect to the phone — and there’s two way of doing that (USB method is recommended): ◦If you want to connect using USB, type “wconnect.exe usb”. Then it’ll ask for the pairing code, just type the pairing code and hit enter.
  8.  After that, navigate to the extracted adb folder and open an elevated command prompt
      To make sure that your device is connected, type adb devices and hit enter to show the list of devices that are connected
  9.  Lastly, place the APK file that you want to install on the same directory (adb folder) and type in adb install APKNAME.apk (replace APKNAME with the APK file’s name)
  10. Thats all but they are still like 4 other methods on XDA-forum you can still check out.

hope this post helps you installing andriod apps?? kindly hit the share button or better still join our follow our updates up now Here more updates and tricks are blazing there.
Dont forget topo invite your friends my next post wil be on how to setup VPN like psiphon,driodvpn,triod and tweakware…shalom  

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