Run Andriod Jelly Bean 4.2 On Your Windows Phone

I know the windows phone lover cant wait to see this full post because, they had been craving hard to get this many years ago.Running andriod os on your windows phone is not something new we have numerous numbers of software that can convert your windows phone UI like galxy s5+ and super8.
This morning, i will guide you with a an application that works well better than super8 and galxy s5+  called FUNdriod lite just relax yourself preferably get GALA and a bottle of la`casera as you read on this post.

Android and Windows Phone

What is FUNdriod Lite??

Fundriod lite is a window appliction that transforms your windows device into a jelly bean andriod os it does not require any root, crack, before it will work.
NB:Fundriod will not allow you to install andriod applications it will only make your windows phone in terface to look like that of an andriod device.

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Features Of Fundriod Lite

  • Android 4.2 interface
  • Android LockScreen
  • Widgets
  • Full Settings page
  • Backgrounds
  • Phone call
  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • EMail
  • Music Player
  • Social: Facebook, Twitter, FunDroiders, Live Pict

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Where can i download??
It is avaliable for download on windows store or better still download it HERE
my next post will be on how to run andriod app on windows phone and i guess that will benefit all the etisalat chat pack lover because it will power your phone using psiphon..
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