Repair Apple Face ID Sensors Without Replacing iPhone Display

Apple originally introduced the Face ID technology on the iPhone X when it started launching new designs to its flagship devices. However, the Face ID on iPhones requires the whole screen replaced when damaged.

According to a new source, Apple authorized centres may soon be able to fix your damaged apple face id sensor without necessarily needing to replace the whole phone display.

Before now, to fix the damaged face ID sensor on your devices, you need to replace the entire display. According to reports, it is rumoured Apple is working to make the face ID fixable without replacing the whole display.

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Once your face ID sensor is damaged, a sticky notification on shows on your iPhone notification bar “face id not available” An iPhone without a Face ID is always cheaper in the market. meaning Face ID sensor plays a vital role on an iPhone.

An internal memo obtained from MacRumors claims technicians will soon be able to access the new true depth camera service part that contains the face ID sensor.

Apple said the new apple service Toolkit diagnostic will help the technicians to determine if the entire module is to be replaced or if the same Face ID unit needs replacing on broken devices.

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There is no specific date when this development will be available to the public as the report claims Apple will release documentation and supposed training at a later date.

Have you fixed your Face ID before without changing the complete display? Let’s know via the comment box

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