Why You Should Not Buy Samsung Galaxy Note 20

This year, Samsung unleashed a new set of slew devices from Galaxy Z fold 2 to the newly launched Galaxy Note 20 series. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is only  $300 more than the regular Note 20, So is buying Note 20 worth it??

 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is priced for $1000 irrespective of the specification, it is still a lot of money. The primary reason why people hold on to flagship is that they can use them for several years without hoping to change device like the mid-rangers.

But for whatever reason you are using a flagship, $1000 is never a small money, Adding $300 will get you Note 20 Ultra where you enjoy all the Ultra features to the fullest. Many people might conclude there is no much difference but will you spend $1000 on the Flagship device;

  • On a 2020 flagship that doesn’t have a high refresh rate display? 
  • On a 2020 flagship that has a plastic (well, “plastic”) back with a 2-year-old Gorilla Glass 5 on the front? 
  •  Is it worth “only” getting a 1080p display?
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In Contrast, Samsung Note 20 Ultra Offers Quad HD, 120Hz Refresh Rate, a Gorilla Glass 7, and a premium glass back. It features a 108Mp primary sensor with an ultra-wide camera and adaptive refresh rate.

If you are not convinced enough, kindly remember that the Samsung Note 20 comes with 128GB non-expandable storage while the Samsung Note 20 Ultra offers both expandable and Ultra-wideband Chip.

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Lets us know what’s your take on this if adding $300 to get Samsung Note 20 Ultra is worth it?

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