How To Fix A Lagging Android Device

Our Android smartphones might have incredible hardware and good specs, but from time to time they may bog down and suffer in performance.
Somedays back now, i posted on how you can optimise your android battery with greeenify PRO and i hope you have experienced changes?
Here are some few tips you can follow to solve the issues of frequent lagging on your android smartphone.


1. Delete Unnecceesary Files: First step to follow if you are experiencing frequent lags on your phone is to delete unnecceesary files from your device using the file manager and also
 2.Uninstall unnecessary apps: They are some apps that are not necessary which has been lying down for more than 90days on your phone. Such apps are not necessary and it is advisable you uninstall them to free more space on your device.
3.Move app to sdcard:Another way to free more memory on your device, is to move some apps from the phone memory to the sdcard. They are different tools on  playstore like link2sdcard. But on newer version of android, you move apps from phone to sdcard under settings>>storage.
4.Disable USB Debugging: Also disable USB debugging on your device to make it run faster. To disable go to settings>>developer>>USB debugging then turn it off.
5.Download App cache cleaner from here to clean residual app files from your device.
6.Download Avast cleaner to clean .temp files from your device.
Haven’t followed all this 6 steps, let know if you are able to overcome lagging issues on your smartphone through the comment box.

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