Are Expensive Phone Cases Worth It?


Joseph Conrad once said, “Protection is the first necessity of Opulence and Luxury”. Likewise, using a proper phone case for your smartphone is a good habit as such it will save you from multiple damages in multiple scenarios. A good fitted and protected mobile phone case would increase the chances of surviving fatal drops. And if you just bought an iPhone 13 and don’t want to take the risk of damage, you should get a customized iphone transparent cover for safety as well to make it look cooler.

Apart from this, the phone case protects your smartphone from scratches and increases your resale value as well as such due to the phone case the mobile phone wouldn’t get any scratches. Resulting in a great mobile phone body surface and would be in great condition while selling the phone.


Therefore always buy a phone case for your Smartphone as such the market is filled with various kinds of phone cases thus the buyer wouldn’t have any trouble buying the phone case.

Old days like whether or not to use the phone case are long gone. Nowadays the topic of discussion is how much should I spend on a phone case? If put plainly, the cheap phone case and the expensive phone case both serves the purpose of protecting the smartphone from fatal damages.

There are some questions like, “Do cheap phones cases work?” or “Are expensive phone cases worth it?”. The decision between both of them is more like a personal choice, they both serve the purpose they are built for. It is a simple comparison, if the owner wants a top-notch premium quality product then that phone case would cost more. While on the other hand, if the owner is happy with the cheap phone case that does not put a hole in the pocket and works completely fine then that cheap phone case served the purpose there also.

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There is no need to explain about the cheap phone cases but there is surely a window to give information about why do some people prefer the expensive phone case for their mobile phones over the cheap phone cases? We have managed to put down a few pointers that may give you a heads up about the scenario.

1. Material on expensive phone case:

Ever wondered what made those expensive phone covers so expensive? Well, the answer to that is the material used to manufacture the phone case. These phone cases are made with high-grade silicone making them more durable and long-lasting as compared to cheap phone cases.

Benefits of high-grade silicone case:

  • Fits the phone properly and doesn’t get loose.
  • High-grade silicone phone cases are better at absorbing shock and preventing the phones from fatal damages.
  • Longer lifespan.

2. Functions:

The function of the phone case is yet another interesting thing to consider as such expensive phone cases comes with various functions such as water-resistant phone case, super thin and compact phone case, flexible phone case, phone case with a built-in battery, wallet phone case, and fashionable and functional phone case.

The above mentioned are the types of phone cases that provide various functions depending on the material and the requirement of the user thus one should always choose accordingly.

3. Proper ventilation of heat:

This is one of the most overlooked points, sadly this can be termed as one of the most important parts of the phone case. It is common knowledge that mobile phones emit heat resulting in an increased body temperature of the phone. If the quality of the phone case is good then that heat would dissipate in no time but if the quality of the phone case is not up to the mark and the case is not able to release the mobile phone body temperature then that is an alarming situation.

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Using the phone in an overheated condition is a bad idea as such it will increase the chances of smartphone internal processor failure, exploding, or ends up reducing the life span of the phone. Therefore always opt for the proper ventilated mobile phone case.


After reading the article, you might have gotten the correct idea of whether or not to buy the expensive phone case. As well as some questions like, “Is an Expensive Phone Case Really Worth the Money?” the answer is plain and simple. The higher and expensive quality phone case comes with high-grade silicone material that is highly durable and usually lasts longer.

While on the other hand, cheap phone cases are made with low-grade silicone material that usually tends to lose its shape quickly. Therefore think accordingly and buy accordingly.

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