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If you’ve been searching on how to share data on Glo, I guess this is the right article for you to read. This post will cover how to share data on Glo. Perhaps you happen to not be able to finish your data bundle and it’s toward the expiry date, you can share the data with your friends and buddies using the USSD code I’ll show you in this post.
Glo Nigeria now allows you to share your data bundle with your relatives, buddies or even those who will pay cash for data.
This service is not data gifting. This one is primarily for those who have active data bundle with excessive or unused data bundle and looking to share data with other close pals.
Glo Data Share allows subscribers to transfer their data in megabytes, gigabytes and more quickly using just one simple USSD code.
You can share your GLO data plan with a maximum of five (5) people on the GLO network. Anybody you share with gets notified via SMS with immediate access to the internet.
According to the network company, you can share your GLO data plan in two different ways which are; Online via GLO Café and Offline using USSD code.
Ok, let’s see the simple steps to take to share your data on Glo with anyone.

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Method 1

In this method, you need to first add the person’s phone number to the list of people you wish to share your with. I’ll show you the steps below

To Add Friend:
• Dial *127*01*phone number# OR Send “Share(phone number) to 127.
• For example, *127*01*08000000000* OR Send “Share 08000000000” to 127.
To Remove Friend:
• Dial *127*02*phone number# OR Send “Remove (phone number)”
• For example, *127*02*08000000000# OR Send “Remove 08000000000”
To Check List:
• To view the list of people people sharing your subscription, dial *127*00# or Send “List” to 127

Method 2

Alternatively, you can share online via Glo Café or visit Glo official website using your device with the Glo SIM and use the sharing feature.

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