Cheap Data Plan You Should Go For This september

Best data plan to go for this month.I know everybody needs cheap internet subscription on their devices but,our internet service providers seems to be making it hard for us by imposing heavy data charges on us.

This morning,i will be sharing you some cheap data plans you should go for in this month of september.

cheap dataplans for all device this september
  • AIRTEL:I dont have much to say about airtel because,the Bis 4gb 1500 naira has been blocked and no other alternatives again.But for andriod users,you can subscribe for the andriod data plans *437# for 2gb at 2000# only.And you can tether it through hotspot to your pc.Also,airtel simpleserver tweak still blazing you can make use of 10mb to download files worth of 10gb without any loopholes airtel simpleserver tweak for pc users
  • MTN:Mtn data plan seems to be stable.If you are an heavy internet user then,i will suggest you go for the mtn night plan of 2,500# with a datacap of 4.5gb.check below to learn how to use it during the to use mtn night plan during the day.And also i have a guy that do sells cheap dataplan for a token just contact him on whatsapp:08060918016 you can also go here to know how it works out.
  • ETISALAT:Their data charges is very high.i recommend you go for the etisalat paygo unlimited browsing if the need arises to download larger files.For cheap data plans on etisalat,visit this post cheap etisalat dataplans
  • GLO :We are all aware that glo bis works on andriod devices with the help of imel cloning if you cant clone it,look for a blackberry that has hotspot and use it to tether your connection to other devices.The bis goes for a datacap of 3gb with 1000# to subscribe,load 1000# and dail *777*21# or COMONTH to777 after the subscription set your apn to can also top your data up by recharging another 1000# then,dail *777*9# then you will have 6gb valid for 2month.
Best Internet Data Plan For All BB10 Users

still having problems cloning your imel,comment below or if you do not know how to generate the bb imel contact me i still have like 30 free imel.Remember my sole aim is to make browsing cheaper to you and also to feed freebrowsing to your doorstep.

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