Cheap Data Plans You Should Checkout This February


If you are looking for cheap data plans in Nigeria, you have come to the right place. This article will list the best and most affordable data plans you can subscribe to in February 2023.

There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to cheap data plans. The first is the amount of data you need. The second is the time you need it, and the third is the price.

Cheap data plans for february

MTN Data Plans

As a leading mobile network provider in Africa, MTN has millions of loyal customers in Nigeria who are constantly searching for the company’s best data plans. This article will explore the latest MTN data plans for 2023, including their prices and activation codes.

Latest MTN Data Plans and Prices for 2023:

  • 70MB daily mobile data plan (24 hours): ₦100
  • 225MB daily data plan (24 hours): ₦200
  • 750MB weekly mobile data plan (24/7, 7 days): ₦500
  • 1GB data plan (24/7, 30 days): ₦1000
  • 1.5GB mobile data plan (24/7, 30 days): ₦1000
  • 2GB mobile data plan (24/7, 30 days): ₦1200
  • 3GB mobile data plan (24/7, 30 days): ₦1500
  • 4.5GB data plan (24/7, 30 days): ₦2000
  • 12GB data plan (24/7, 30 days): ₦3500
  • 50GB data plan (24/7, 60 days): ₦20,000
  • 85GB data plan (24/7, 90 days): ₦50,000

For those who need to share their internet access, MTN also offers a portable Wi-Fi router called the MTN Mi-Fi. This device can connect up to five Wi-Fi devices within a 10m range and comes with a 3GB free internet browsing bundle. The MTN Mi-Fi device costs ₦21,000 and can be activated by texting “MIFI” to 131.

To subscribe to these plans, dial *131# on your phone and follow the prompts. You can also visit their website or use their app to subscribe.

Airtel Data Plans

Airtel offers a range of data plans to cater to your needs, whether you need data for a day, a week, or a month. In this article, we’ll look at the various types of data bundles offered by Airtel, their prices, and how you can subscribe to them.

Daily/Weekly Bundles
Depending on your usage needs, you can choose from daily or weekly data bundles. Here’s a list of the data plans available in this section:

  • N50 for 40MB (Daily)
  • N100 for 100MB (Daily)
  • N200 for 200MB (3 Days)
  • N300 for 350MB (7 Days)
  • N500 for 750MB (14 Days)
  • N300 for 1GB (Daily)
  • N500 for 2GB (Daily)

To subscribe, dial *141#, reply with 2, and select the data plan that best suits you.

Weekly Bundles

These data plans last five days, seven days, or 14 days. Here’s a list of the weekly data plans available on Airtel:

  • N500 for 750MB (14 Days)
  • N500 for 1GB (7 Days)
  • N1500 for 6GB (7 Days)
  • N300 for 350MB (7 Days)
  • N100 for All Social (5 Days)
  • To subscribe, dial *141#, reply with 2, and then select the data plan of your choice.

Monthly Bundles

Airtel’s monthly data plans last 30 days and come with varying data allowances. Here’s a list of the monthly data plans available on Airtel:

  • N1000 for 1.5GB
  • N1200 for 2GB
  • N1500 for 3GB
  • N2000 for 4.5GB
  • N2500 for 6GB
  • N3000 for 10GB
  • N4000 for 11GB
  • N5000 for 20GB
  • To subscribe, dial *141#, reply with 2, and then 3 to view the monthly data plans.
Cheap Etisalat Data Plans By MobileBlaze


These data plans are designed for heavy data users and offer more data for your money compared to Airtel’s monthly data plans. Here’s a list of the Data++ plans available on Airtel:

  • N500 for 2.5GB (2 Days)
  • N3000 for 11GB (30 Days)
  • N4000 for 15GB (30 Days)
  • N5000 for 22GB (30 Days)
  • To subscribe, dial *141#, reply with 2, and then 4.

Mega Bundles

Airtel’s Mega Bundles offer large data allowances that last for 30 days. Here’s a list of the Mega Bundle data plans available on Airtel:

  • N5000 for 20GB
  • N8000 for 30GB
  • N10,000 for 40GB
  • N15,000 for 75GB
  • N20,000 for 120GB
  • To subscribe, dial *141#, reply with 2, and then 5 to view the Mega Bundle plans.

Airtel MyArea

Airtel My Area Bundles offers good data volume cheaply. The popular one is N3000 for 20GB and N5000 for. 40GB valid for 30days, Although the plan is not available to all airtel users.

To check your eligibility kindly follow the below step:

Simple Dial *141#
Enter 2 to navigate to the My Area Tab

To subscribe to plans, dial *141# and follow the prompts.

9mobile Data Plans

Get the Best Out of Your Etisalat/9Mobile Experience with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Data Plans.

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable data plan in Nigeria? Look no further, as Etisalat, now known as 9Mobile, has covered you. The provider offers a wide range of data plans to cater to different needs and budgets, from daily data bundles that last for 24 hours and weekly and monthly plans that cater to more extended usage periods.

Let’s take a closer look at the Etisalat/9Mobile Daily Data Plan. This bundle is designed for those who need a small amount of data for a short period. The plan lasts 24 hours and offers different data caps, ranging from 50 MB to 2 GB, at affordable prices. Send an SMS to 229 or dial the USSD codes provided to activate.

For those who need more data for a more extended period, the 9Mobile Weekly Data Plan offers various options, starting from 250 MB for N200 to 7GB for N1500. The plans last 7days and provide the convenience of using data for an entire week.

If you need an even more extensive data allowance, the 9Mobile Monthly Data Plan covers you. This plan offers a range of options, from 500 MB for N500 to 125 GB for N20,000. You can choose the plan that best fits your needs and budget and enjoy a whole month of seamless data experience.

To get started with the Etisalat/9Mobile data plan of your choice, dial the USSD code provided or send an SMS to 229. Whether you need a small data allowance for a short period or a large data cap for a longer time, the Etisalat/9Mobile data plans have covered you. Get started today and enjoy the best out of your data experience.

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Glo Data Plans

Glo aims to be the largest and best telecommunications network in Africa. It is well on its way to achieving this goal with a presence in Nigeria, Benin Republic, and Ghana. In a bold move, Glo became the first single company to construct a high-capacity fibre optic submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria.

Glo has various data plans to suit multiple smartphone customers, including Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and more.
These plans are grouped into several categories, including 100 Naira, 200 Naira, 500 Naira, 1000 Naira, 2000 Naira, 2500 Naira, and 3000 Naira plans. Each of these categories contains a variety of data plans with different validity periods, data allowances, and availability hours. For example, the 100 Naira category includes the Campus Data Booster 100 Naira for 100MB, valid for 2 days, and the 100 Naira Daily Plan, which offers 150MB data valid for 1 day.

The Glo 500 Naira category includes the TGIF 500 Naira Weekend Plan, which offers 3GB of data valid only on weekends, and the 500 Naira 14-Day Plan, which provides 1.8GB of data valid for two weeks. In the Glo 1000 Naira category, you can subscribe to the 3.9GB data plan for 1000 Naira, valid for 30 days, or the Campus Booster data plan, which gives 1GB of data for 1000 Naira, valid for 15 days.

For those who require more data, Glo offers several high-value plans. The Glo 2000 Naira category includes a 9.2GB data plan valid for 30 days and a campus data booster plan for 2000 Naira, which gives 2GB of data valid for 30 days. The Glo 2500 Naira category offers the best value for smartphone users, as for just an extra 500 Naira, you can enjoy an additional 1.6GB of data, with a total of 10.8GB, valid for 30 days.

Glo also offers weekly and monthly data plans, including the 1.8GB 2-week validity data plan for 500 Naira, 7GB for 7 days at 1500 Naira, and several monthly plans ranging from 3.9GB for 1000 Naira to 93GB for 15,000 Naira. The Glo Night Plan includes a 200 Naira Night Plan that offers 1GB of data valid for 1 night.

To subscribe to any of Glo’s data plans, dial *777# and select the desired plan from the available options. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a heavy data user, Glo has a plan to suit your needs.

In Conclusion, It is important to note that these plans may change frequently, and it is always a good idea to compare the different options before making a decision.

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