MTN 5G Wireless Network – 5G Router Goes on Pre-order


As MTN has promised they will be launching their 5G Network by the end of this August, we have started seeing positive results toward the execution of the plans as they have the MTN 5G Routers on pre-orders.

What is the 5G network?

MTN 5G wireless network

5G technology is another wireless network that is expected to give the maximum speed possible. According to Qualcomm, the 5G network supports a 100x increase in traffic capacity and network efficiency and low latency than the 4G. This simply means you can download an 8k movie 500% faster than 4G LTE.

What you should know?

MTN 5G wireless network in Nigeria was inspired by NCC (Nigeria communications commission) on November 13, 2021, where 100MHz TDD available at 3.5GHz bands were put up for auction to support the delivery of 5G networks in Nigeria. 

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MTN Nigeria and MAFAB communications emerged as the winner and are expected to launch 5g networks In Nigeria. With these, Nigeria is set to become the first in Africa to launch 5G networks and the third in Africa after South Africa and Kenya.

MTN 5G Router Broadband

As 5G networks evolved, different ISP have commercialized mobile phones with 5G support. But considering how 4G can easily drain battery, 5G is set to consume more on a mobile phone because it is 10X faster than a 4G LTE.

The MTN 5G router is a high-speed broadband portable wi-fi device compatible with 3G and 4G LTE networks respectively.

In preparation for to launch of the 5G wireless network, MTN has launched new 5G Routers to better support the delivery of the 5G network nationwide.

It’s so good to hear that the MTN 5G wireless network covers almost all the 36 states in selected locations across the country.

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Features of the MTN 5G router 

Connects up to 64 devices 

10X faster than the speed you got from 4G

Fixed router 

You get free 100GB of Data on the activation

How Can I pre-order the MTN 5G Router?

To pre-order, go to to check if your location is listed there, input your name, phone number, email and address. 

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The device comes in white, black, and yellow and the pre-order price is N50,000

Let’s know your view about the MTN 5G router in the comment section.

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