Ntel Users Will Soon Be Able To Roam Nationwide On 9mobile

Most people that owns the Ntel 4G LTE sim have not been using it due to no coverage network in their area. The good news is that; once you roam to where 9mobile coverage is now, then you can enjoy your 4G LTE there. That sounds interesting?

ntel N1 Nova review in hand min

According to ntel, the agreement will enable ntel’s
customers to make calls on 9Mobile’s network using any 2G or 3G handset within the specified trial zone.
Both the operators have gotten the regulatory measures and it should kickoff by February 2018. Here are some FAQs you should check out to clear your doubts.
1. Does this roaming arrangement mean that Ntel
subscribers will be able to use 4G services
everywhere there is 9mobile coverage? – Yes;
once test is completed.
2. What tariffs will Ntel subscribers pay when
roaming on the 9mobile network? – That will be
3. Will 9mobile subscribers be able to use the Ntel
4G network too? – It will be reciprocal once tests
are completed.
4. What does an Ntel subscriber travelling to say
Ilorin need to do on their phone to roam on
9mobile? – Once tests are completed and
national roaming is activated an ntel mobile
subscriber who arrives ilorin, which is outside
ntel core coverage area, would receive a
notification message as you do when you roam
abroad. The details will be announced .
Source: Mobility Arena

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