Microsoft Will End Support For Windows 8.1 By January 2023

Its windows 8.1 end of life, same way window 7 became obsolete years back. The software giant; Microsoft has officially announced that by January 10, 2023, it will discontinue support for windows 8.1.

Microsoft has said they will start sending a notification soon to windows 8.1 users next month as a reminder to Jan 2023 when it will be finally discontinued.

Microsoft highlighted in their recent updates “Support for Windows 8 ended on January 12, 2016, and support for Windows 8.1 will end on January 10, 2023. Microsoft 365 Apps is no longer supported on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 after they have reached their end of-support dates.

To avoid performance and reliability issues, we recommend that you move to a newer version of Windows.” Microsoft added that, “after the discontinuation date, “if you are running Microsoft 365, you will no longer receive updates for office apps

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What you should know

Microsoft discontinuing support for windows 8.1 means you need to upgrade to windows 10 to receive security updates. You can choose to continue using your windows 8.1 after it has been discontinued security risks

Also, if you use compatible windows 8 and 8.1 pc you can upgrade to Windows 10 by purchasing and installing a full copy of the software said by Microsoft.

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Meanwhile, Windows 10 will still be supported till October 14, 2025, before then, Microsoft has advised users to take advantage of the latest hardware capabilities by moving to a new pc with windows 11


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