Why Many People Prefer Android To iOS

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Something certainly informed your choice of the device you use most times, ranging from durability to cost, user friendliness, and many more. Android is the popular demand, many prefer it to iOS and here as some reason that can be attributed to their preferences.

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Many want something cheap and that can do all of the basic things they want, as such many may not give credence to buying an apple phone, knowing that it will eat deep into their budget. Androids come in cheaper prices compared to apple

Open source

Android is operating system based on the Linux kernel and it uses Java as the programming language. It’s an open-source program. This means it is easier to bypass geo blocking when using an Android device than an iOS one.

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Customization Options

Android is user friendly and easy to customize. For an instance, one can customize android phone’s home screen with images and themes. This makes it look self customised and unique, when compared to an iPhone’s screen, where themes are very limited.

Varieties of Apps

With the playstore android phones have no limitation to the apps they can have on their device, in fact, one can choose from myriad of options, while with iOS you have restrictions of apps you can use in your device. Android users can sometimes go outside the Google play store to get apps downloaded, while iOS can easily block apps that are not duly licensed on the store.

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Finally, both devices, iOS and Android have their uniqueness, strengths, weaknesses. Although, many user of the iOS feel they are more sophisticated, but in actual sense, what one can do with his/her device determines what’s superior. You can have an android and be able to do more on it. Research has shown that many using sophisticated phone do not fully utilize the functions on it.

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