Facebook Discontinue Pre-installed App support For Huawei phones


The China trade war news has been trending over the recent month. And the embargo placed on the Chinese company Huawei by the US government has made other companies under US government to discontinue support for Huawei.

In the latest blow to Huawei, Facebook has suspended Chinese tech giant Huawei from pre-installing its applications on new phones.
This does not apply to Facebook alone, as we all know WhatsApp and Instagram is equally owned my mack, Zuckerberg. So, Huawei users will not be able to install Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp on their upcoming phones.

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According to Reuters, the ban applies only to unreleased Huawei phones as existing Huawei phones can still make use of it within the 90days reprieve slated by US government.
So what’s your view on this, let know via the comment box.


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