Apple paid $260billion over 13years to App Developers

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Since Apple launched App Store in 2008, Apple claimed it has paid more than $260billion to app developers over the years through the sale of goods and services on the App Store.

Before the regulatory complaints and lawsuits on App store practices, Apple takes a commission of 30% on qualifying apps to app developers that earns $1million per year But after the whole lawsuit on the App Store, they have eventually reduced their cut to 15%. And as well as dropping commission for selected news publisher apps if they participate in the apple news partners program.

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Apple paid $260billion over 13years to App Developers 6

The iPhone maker made this in their blogpost that in 2021, they have paid $60billion to the app developer, excluding the $200billion they have spent since inception till 2020. By the end of 2019, a total of $155billion was paid to app developers compared to the $120billion spent in 2018 having a total of $35billion increment from 2018-2019

Despite all the figures apple claimed to have to spend on app developers, the App Store remains the biggest app marketplace with more than a 1.8million apps across 175 countries. And if Apple has paid over $260billion in the past 13 years, then what’s apple profit? Even considering the new commission cut they take

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