Google unveils Android 12 Go edition with lots of improvements


The Android Go edition is a watered-down version of the original Android version designed to run on cheaper smartphones with less memory and storage. Today, Google decided to launch the Android 12 Go edition, the watered-down version of the newest OS that debuted in the Google Pixel 6 series.
Currently, Google says over 200 million people are using an Android (Go edition) phone today which is a substantial amount.


Google promises the Android 12 Go edition cokes with a faster, smarter, and more privacy-friendly experience, and in this article, we’ll go through everything you need to know.

Android 12 Go edition Features

One of the top highlights of the Android 12 Go edition is the increase in app launch time. Apps on this new version of Android Go will open up to 30% faster when compared to the previous-gen. It will also have smoother animations. SplahScreen API from Android 12 will also be featured here to so you’ll have something nice to look at while an app is loading.


As well as being fast, the Android 12 Go edition will save your battery life and storage by hibernating apps you haven’t used in a long time. You’ll get a notification to know when this happens.
Also, the new File Go app will allow you to recover deleted files within 30 days, so you can delete some files to free up space in the meantime.


With the Android 12 Go edition, you can now share apps easier through Nearby Share and Google Play whilst saving data. Talking of sharing, this new version makes it easier to share your phone with friends or family. You can easily switch to a guest profile before you give out your phone and once that person is done, you can easily reset that profile. These Profiles will now be directly available on the lock screen further simplifying this process.


When Android 12 launched, it came with a Privacy Dashboard, and yeah, that also makes it to the Go edition. You get the same snapshot that shows you which apps are accessing sensitive data. You also get the status bar privacy indicator which shows you which apps are utilizing your camera and/or mic. Approximate location permissions are also available on the Android 12 Go edition.


In the Recent Apps screen of the Android 12 Go edition, you have the options to listen to the news and translate any on-screen content into your preferred language. Surprisingly, this feature isn’t baked into the full-blown Android 12. I hope Google works on this for the original Android 12 as it will be quite useful to everyone.

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