Best Cyber Security Practices for Mac Owners

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The rise in the number of reported cyberattacks daily has increased the awareness of cybersecurity. In recent years, cyberattack cases are more prominent because more people get access to the internet every day.

The current Global State of Cyber Security

The lockdown in several countries due to the coronavirus pandemic caused a significant increase in the number of active internet users. This is because workers were forced to work from home, and students had to resort to e-learning processes to keep up with academic activities.

Cybersecurity is critical, as users should feel safe and secure while using the internet in carrying out day-to-day activities. This is why many companies are investing in improving the security features installed in users’ devices.

Apple’s Stellar Security System

Apple Inc. is one of those companies, and it is renowned for having great security features. One of its main bragging points is that its devices run on iOS and macOS, both of which are not open source and cannot be downloaded and installed, unlike other Operating systems.

Besides making the device’s OS and ROM exclusive to the company, reports have also shown that Apple offers researchers a payout in the region of $1 million to find loopholes in its device’s security. This is done in a bid to identify and neutralize all potential and current threats.

Despite the intricate attention to detail, Apple devices are still prone to some cybersecurity threats; some of which are:

Cyber risks that Mac Users face

1. Phishing – Phishing attacks are widespread as they can come in several forms. Hundreds of phishing links go out every day to retrieve information from as many unsuspecting users as possible. Phishing attacks aren’t necessarily random as they could be targeted at a person with vital information or intellectual property on his/her device.

2. Malware – Ranked as one of the top cyber threats that a PC user faces every day, malware is a popular threat to MacBook users worldwide. It is derived from malicious software, with its mode of operation being to attach itself to legit programs and applications to install itself on the device. Once installed, it proceeds to steal or destroy the information contained on the Macbook.

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3. Hacking – Hackers have developed more skills to penetrate Apple’s security measures on the Macbook. Reports by Qualys’ research team have revealed a security threat on Macbooks that can give a random user easy control over any MacBook.

Keep your Mac Device Safe from Cyber Attacks

Having discussed the risks, here are some ways to keep your Mac device secure.

1. Always Install Program Updates

One of the most frequent ways hackers attack Macs is by tracking down vulnerabilities in your software. No matter how much time is spent coding software, there are bound to be bugs. Over time, a security bug is bound to be discovered and exploited by cybercriminals.

Software updates always contain security updates, even if they don’t come with new features. These updates patch up the bugs, further protecting your MacBook.

Use the Software Update tool to check if there are any available updates. It can be launched from your menu.

You can also turn on the automatic updates option. It can automatically search for new updates. Try to update all of the programs on your Mac too.

2. Turn on Automatic Lock for your Mac

Even though your Mac might require a password when you switch it on, you still need it to lock automatically. This measure protects your data against hackers that try to steal your device.

You can set the lock to activate once your device goes to sleep. Head over to the ‘Security and Privacy’ part of ‘System Preferences’ and activate this option.

3. Protect Data on the Network Level

To secure information on the network level, you need a network security tool. Cybersecurity is critical because hackers can steal your data in transit when you’re using the internet.

Potentially, your online banking, emails, social media, and other account login credentials can be grabbed by a hacker. Your router could be hacked, or a cybercriminal could compromise a Wi-Fi network you’re linked to.

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A Virtual Private Network is a unique technology and a highly trusted network security tool. It works by launching a secure tunnel for data to flow into and from your Mac. This information is secure with the help of encryption.

When you utilize a VPN for MacBook, your data becomes unreadable, and your IP address also becomes secure, rendering you anonymous. There are many free VPNs out there, but the most reliable and secure option for users is to opt for a paid VPN service.

4. Use Password Management Services

Creating a strong password is key to keeping out a hacker from your MacBook. However, the harder the password, the possibility of it getting forgotten. This is where a password manager comes in.

Password managers can help craft distinctive and resilient passwords for you. They also help you stock them all in one place. The workings of password managers are complex, but they’re very secure. All you’d need to do is to recollect your principal password to your account.


It is not even a question of how important cybersecurity is in this current climate. You can take various measures like paying for a VPN service, utilizing password managers, and searching for software updates to ensure your Mac device is safe from the large number of security threats existing today.

Writer’s bio:

Matthew Stern is a technology content strategist at TechFools, a tech blog aiming to inform readers about the potential dangers of technology and introduce them to the best ways to protect themselves online.

As a tech enthusiast and an advocate for digital freedom, Matthew is dedicated to introducing his readers to the latest technology trends and teaching them how to gain control over their digital lives.

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