DSTV Multichoice Plans To Beat Netflix Out Of Streaming Market

MultiChoice vs

Multichoice has planned to take over Netflix with a new content strategy they called “hyper-local”, according to the CEO calvo mawela.
This was unveiled in an interview on CNN connecting africa. Mawela pointed Multichoice’s locally-focused content strategy for its traditional satelite and online broadcasting platforms.

“We have invested a lot in local content across the continent – we call it going hyper-local,” Mawela said.
He said that MultiChoice plans to make local content a much bigger part of its catalogue over the next few years.
“We Spend over R2 Billion investing in local content production across the whole continent and our aim is to increase the goal from a composition of 38% to 45% in the next 2 years” Mawela said.

Multichoice Plans To Compete With Netflix

Mawela made ambitious plans for multichoice stating that the company is expected to double its subscribers. Multichoice subscribers is around 20million and mawela said multichoice is looking forward to grow the subscribers quickly upto 50million.
He added that these subscribers are fans of the company’s local content strategy and that multichoice african content will allow it to challenge netflix in the streaming market.
“If we specify on going hyper-local that is a key differentiator, meanwhile the likes of netflix and other streaming platforms, they will come and have some level of local content but i’m not sure they will get to the level of localisation that we do in terms of different languages across the globe” Mawela Said.

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