Investing in Ethereum 2020 is it Worth it?


The fate of future payments is dependent on digital currency. This phrase has been ringing for years now. We have different digital currencies where bitcoin has been topping the list over the years. Bitcoin happens to be the first digital currency to break the myth. It is now valued x9 a thousand dollars at the time of writing this post.

As of 2015, Bitcoin was around 368$, and those who bought one or two BTC are millionaires today. Apart from Bitcoin, the second topping digital currency is Ethereum (ETN). It has also grown high in terms of value the way Bitcoin started.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum (ETH) is digital money, and the government or any company does not control it. It is an excellent decentralized platform built by crowd sourcing the jobs of a community of developers.

Should I invest in Ethereum 2020?

The only thing that makes cryptocurrency increases and decreases are the forces of demand and supply. In 2017 there was a high demand for Bitcoin by 45% according to my research, there was various Ponzi scheme then, that requires using Bitcoin to make payments and different account upgrades.

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Also, they are different matrix programs like Zarfund, which made the demand for BTC increase. Recently, the need for Ethereum has even gone on the high side. They are now different programs and matrix that uses Ethereum as means of payment.

Investing And Trading With Ethereum Matrix Programs

Different matrix programs are coming up daily, promising you will get up to 100ETH once you climb the pyramid ladder to the top. If you can build your networks quickly, then you can go for it. But In my opinion, I advise anyone that is serious and has spare money to buy Ethereum to keep and expect a future rise since various matrix programs are making Ethereum increase progressively.

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How can I Earn Free Ethereum?

Apart from investing or trading ETH, they are other ways to get free Ethereum at your earliest convenience. I made a post 5days back on Medium on where to earn free Ethereum take 2 min to check it out.

Don’t know where to buy ETH?

There are many scams around don’t fall victim; there are various platforms you can buy bitcoin with 100% secured and no risk.

  1. LUNO

Don’t let scammers entice you with low prices; you might lose all your hard-earned money.

Conclusion: We all saw how the BTC journey and succeeded! If you have spare money, buy Ethereum (ETH) 2020, keep and expect a future rise.

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