Protect Your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram From Hackers in 2mins

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One of the things we all neglect is; protecting our social accounts from a hacker. The process to shield our account takes less than a minute but we are still ignorant of it.

They are many ways to protect your social accounts, over the years, 2step verifications require you receive OTP code on the phone number you activated it with. Sounds secured? But the truth is once you lost your mobile number, it is worse than a hacker getting into the account because the account becomes useless.

One of the popular method and alternatives to OTP code 2step verification is “ Google 2 factor authentication” it’s an app that does the work of mobile phone number. But in this post, we will be protecting our social account with an authenticator app called Duo mobile.

Why should I protect my social accounts

How do you feel when the social accounts you have been using for years got hacked and all your information and followers are messed up?

Social accounts hacking has been one of the major trending business lately. You see people haunting for aged Facebook accounts. For any reason don’t be a prey you need to get your accounts shielded against hackers attacks.

How to protect your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat From Hackers.

  1. You need to head to play store and download this app Duo mobile.
  2. open your social app For Facebook, Twitter or Instagram Settings >>security>>2FA login
  3. Choose app authenticator and you should see code just copy it
  4. Open the Duo mobile you will see the list of apps choose the social app account you want to secure.
  5. It will ask for your account email and the code you copied earlier. Fill it rightly then click on continue.
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Congratulations, you just powered ON a shield on your social accounts against Hackers.

If I lost my phone what happens to my 2FA?

The truth is, the authenticator app is just like your mobile number. If you format your device or you lost it, You will end up stranded just as if your mobile got lost. Although your social app gives you recovery codes and expect you to keep it safe. But if you don’t have access to that also?

How to backup my authenticator app

The authenticator app is more advanced than using mobile number 2FA verification. You can set up recovery to have access to your authenticator when you lost your device.

Go to settings >> Duo Restore>> Then connect your google drive.

How To Protect Whatsapp Social Accounts From Hackers

Whatsapp is very different from other social media app. whatsapp is the most hacked social media app but you can also protect hackers from hacking into your whatsapp account by enabling 2Fa password.

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Go to settings >> Account >> Two-step verification input your email address and your preferred PIN..

Can you now see that; protecting your social media accounts takes less than 2min. Don’t be ignorant of this information, complete the 2FA verification on all your social accounts now!

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