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Even though Skype is going out of fashion in recent years, They still innovate more taking the lead of zoom meetings and loom share; Skype has a new feature that comes in the form of sharing your screen to your friends while calling or chatting.


Skype screen sharing is only available for mobile currently, as it was tested on Skype beta users back in April. Since the launch of cloud-based Skype for the web back in 2016, Skype has been undergoing vast improvements. Such development include frameworks like Bot builder; Which has given them an upper hand against their competitor like facebook WhatsApp, snapchat.

Skype screen sharing how to

All you need to do is tap the new “…” menu and select the screen share option. You can also turn on subtitles, add people to the conversation or turn on call recording here. The latest Skype update is already available on the google play store; you can download and install now.

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