Beware Of This Fake Infinix Charger For Your Smartphone

The rate people haunt for money this season is faster than the speed of light. Everyone wants quick money without working and those that work tends to produce substandard goods to consumers.
Have been seeing this charger in stores for a very longtime but i could not suddenly conclude the product is fake but i knew infinix can never sell out ready made chargers because; they actually partnered with oraimo it is actually a contract so, all produced accessories came with new infinix phones only.
You can never know the charger is fake because of its weight they will even promise you flash charge but none is true about their descriptions. My brother, actually opened the charger after he noticed he charging speed is slow see what we met inside the charger..

IMG 20161214 115524 519

IMG 20161214 115616 786

IMG 20161214 115450 866

From the first picture, there is one flat iron that looks like a battery there. The iron was placed firmly inside the case to make it more hefty.

Screenshot 20161218 191354

Why paying more to get less? N3000 to buy a charger where the capacity is the same as N200 charger? Guys be careful if you need a charger for your smartphone, get new age by jay jay ochocha from any slot store nearest to you.

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